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Who are NPM?

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Northfield Project Management Limited was founded by Sarah North during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, which brought the construction industry to a standstill.


Sarah grew up in a traditional market town in the Home Counties, spent a decade in London – where she managed teams on The Guardian newspaper – and then moved to the rural Cotswolds, where her two sons grew up.

Her experience of living in the UK has consequently encompassed rural, town and big city experiences.

Sarah is an expert in wood flooring for all kinds of projects – from luxury hotels to urban regeneration. 


Prior to the 2020 lockdown, Sarah was developing a project management framework which would disrupt the “traditional” commercial design and build process,  pre-empting expensive disasters where wood flooring was involved.


It was disappointing that, too often, advice was sought to remedy a catastrophe only after a project ran into difficulties.

She has an in-depth understanding of and commitment to sustainable forestry, purchasing policy and chain of custody. This has led to consultation with many London architectural and design practices, looking to demystify sustainable and responsible sourcing, in line with investor-led mission statements

Incorporating environmentally sound choices into material specification means that responsibly sourced wood –  our planet’s most sustainable natural resource – is an increasingly popular choice, as an alternative to concrete, steel and chemical-based materials

Wood creates a safe, warm, and traditional space; it is versatile and resilient – when treated with proper respect. Using more wood in the construction of our built environment is now high on the agenda for lowering carbon emissions.


Sarah is committed to ensuring NPM actively helps to manage this ongoing change. NPM are proud to have signed up to the Project Manager's Declare Manifesto


Sarah's years of project management experience, across many industry sectors, have cultivated a rare ability to draw out the very best in every individual, at every level, especially under pressure and working to the tightest deadlines.

The result is a true synergy throughout the process, with every individual bringing their absolute A game and adding true value from concept to completion.

Northfield Project Management was born as the solution.

Sarah works of projects all over the UK and can usually be found splitting her time between London and The Cotswolds, where she lives in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with Ziggy the lazy whippet. Drop her an email or WhatsApp for a chat!

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